'Rural Narratives' documenting Khirsu Village, Uttarakhand

Rural Narratives was a rural heritage documentation workshop organized by Studio IF and Compartment S4 at Khirsu village in Pauri Garhwal region of Uttarakhand.

The workshop aimed to engage and collaborate with the local community to document and interpret the heritage of their village.

In December 2019, the workshop invited participants from various backgrounds to join the field to diversify the perspectives of the documentation process.

The idea was to live with the community of Khirsu village and document stories, places and practices  which represent the living heritage of Khirsu and its interlinkages with the surrounding rich natural landscape.

Glimpse of Khirsu Village and near by places :
During Rural Narratives workshop local small scale agricultural, architecture, impacts of climate change on the locality, biodiversity, local festivals, traditions & folk songs, near by villages, heritage sites and personal stories were documented. Partial documentation from Compartment S4’s Handmade workshop in June 2019 were used to enhance new information.

A visual journey of documenting Khirsu’s intangible heritage with local community
Glimpse of on ground research & documentation :

The documentation was done with the local community with the help of these workshops and field visits. Collective discussion, interpretation and exploration helped in the emergence of various categories and themes. In the end these themes and categories of interpretation were converted into visual presentation and a prototype exhibition was set up.

Glimpse of prototype exhibition : 
Setup of Prototype Exhibition :
Curated visual panels :

Biodiversiry around Khirsu
and an interactive map of the village 

Season-wise festival traditions and A traditional Khirsu house 

Role of women in the village and heritate sites near Khirsu

Agricultural practices and artistic visulization of Khirsu’s Agriculture produces and storage

Showcase and Discussion with local community of Khirsu :

The outcomes of this workshop were preparatory work for an exhibition which was to be part of a tourism centre being designed and built by Compartment S4 with support of Khirsu Block of Goverment of Uttarakhand. 

Project Credits :
Studio IF
Compartment S4
Local Community of Khirsu
Participants from Comparment S4’s Handmade Khirsu Workshop, 2019 
Participants from Rural Narratives Workshop, 2019

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