Living Waters Museum - A virtual Museum on Water Heritage

Established in 2017, Living Waters Museum is a virtual museum which engages youth in visualizing water heritage and re-imagining sustainable, inclusive and equitable water futures. Through storytelling and technology Living Waters Museum seek to celebrate water wisdom, inspire youth to look at water from an interdisciplinary perspective and co-build a digital repository as a source of learning for the future. 

The Virtual Museum Platform
Living Waters Museum is a research project based at the Centre for Heritage Management, Ahmedabad University and it is also a founder member of the Global Network of Water Museums, endorsed by UNESCO’s International Hydrology Program in 2018. The virtual museum exists as set of digital platforms accessible from various devices and interfaces.

Project Details
Our role in this project is to work with team of Living Waters Museum and contribute in capacity of Research and Design.

Primary Objective
Conduct primary and secondary research around the domain of virtual museum. Design concepts and systems for an online museum that collects, curates and communicates stories of Water Heritage.

Secondary Objectives
Explore storytelling in many forms using new technologies and assess its feasiblity and scope in development of virtual museum. Curate opportunties for community engagment, discussions and expand outreach of Living Waters Museum.

Specific Project
“Steps of Hope” is a self initiated project of Living Waters Museum, visulising  knowledge around Stepwells of western India. 

Exploring interpretation exepriences 
Web based interactive virtual reality & tours : 

Exploring visualization using photogrammetry :  
in collaboration with Scan the world India

Exploring physically interactive experiences
For storytelling experiences in physical spaces. Prototypes showcased at 2018 and 2019 editions of International Conference of Heritage Management at Ahmedabad Univeristy. 

Prototype of interactive installation about exploring  traditional water utensils :

Prototype of interactive installation about exploring water stories from India :


Project Credits :
Living Waters Museum (LWM) - Client, Sponsor and Project Owner
Studio IF 
- Research, Design & Production 
Centre for Heritage Managment at Ahmedabad University
- Interns & LWM Partner
Pedals Up
- Web Development 

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