Interactive Signage for Ghughukham Village
in collaboration with Compartment S4

This project explores how intangible cultural aspects meet local architecture of Ghuggu Kham Village in Uttarakhand. First, the cultural landscape of Ghuggukham village was studied through oral narratives. What emerged was a need to redesign signages within the village in collaboration with the village community. A handmade workshop was conducted by Compartment S4, it acted as an opportunity for exploration. Interactive Signage was conceptualised to play sounds when someone passesby. Idea of interactive signage was prototyped, tested, fabricated and executed in collaboration with local craftspeople.

Glipmse of Ghughukham Village :
Ghughukham Village is located in a valley landscape around 35km above Nainital. The village houses are scattered across the valley and have farms in between them. It is located within a bird sanctuary. The general landscape of the village remains green, seasonally it has unique flowers, fruits and vegetables.

Documentation Process :
We collaborated with school children, we asked them to pool in information from their family about the Village, plant-flowers-trees-fruits in surrounding, folk songs, agriculture etc. We also roamed around village and interacted with people for eight days to get the sense of cultural landscape.

Visulizing Documentation :
All documentation was compiled in just four large sheets of paper with the help of other friends in the Handmade workshop.

Designing the Interactive signgae : 

Interestingly, the village did not have its own signage. As a solution, the concept of an interactive signage based on the local architecture emerged. The signage immerses into the surroundings, and plays sounds when someone passes by. We recorded a many sounds from the village - folk songs, local proverbs, welcome messages, all in the local language.  

Fabrication of circuit and waterproofing :
Plastic boxes used in chocolate packaging were used from the local shop to fabricate and waterproof the circuit container.

Construction and citcuit integration : 
This was the most challenging part. Entire circuit was integrated within the construction of signage, along with wiring and the speakers so that the electric point of the near by shop can also be used.

Final Execution : 
Anyone who passes by from this place was hearing a unique message from the signage. Due to this interesting features lots of travellers used to stop by, which helped local shop owners with some business. The experimental installation got damadged after around 8 months of functioning in extreme weather.

# Project Credits :
Concept Design, Prototyping, Fabrication : 
Bhargav Padhiyar 

Collaborator :
Comparment S4

Execution Support :
Sonam Gandhi
GhughuKham Sarpanch
School Children 
Local Craftspeople

Village Documentaion : 

All Participants of Handmade in Khirsu Workshop by Compartment S4

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