‘Fabric of Truth‘ interactive art 
collaborative work with Sarwesh Shah

Fabric of Truth is an interactive installation. The main interface is an interactive fabric which keeps revealing new interpretations of truth in response to peoples’ interaction.

A common practice in mysticism assumes that truth is definable, following that the mystic individul who sets premise of a specific institution present their definition of Truth from one-perspctive which is based on mythical beliefs and supernatural claims.  This project come out as reflection of many discussions that questioned the singularity of truth projected by mysticism. Through this project we explore ever evolving nature of Truth, representing multiple and evolving interpretations as per time, context and interaction.

This interactive installation unfolds ever expanding nature of “Truth”. With every interaction it responds with a new interpretation of Truth.

Setting up the space :

Projection Mapping, Creative Coding, Prototyping :

Final Setup of Installation : 

Project Credits :
Concept Design & Execution :
Bhargav Padhiyar, Sarwesh Shah

Special Thanks :
Vibha Kulkarni
Ajay Waghela
Vaibhav Solanki
Dr Jignesh Khakhar
Processing.org Community

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